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Chapter 5173: Yue Lings Request

“Benefactor, I have an audacious request to make of you.”

As she spoke, Yue Ling actually kneeled down to Chu Feng.

“What are you doing You can just speak your mind.

Theres no need for this between us.”

Chu Feng quickly pulled her back to her feet.

Yue Ling revealed everything that had happened.

The World Spiritist Technique Sect was long-term allies with another power known as the Nine Levels Pavilion.

They had once explored an ancient remnant together and discovered stones that harnessed Exalted level martial power.

These stones later came to be known as Exalted Stones.

They could become a huge stream of fortune if harvested in large quantities.

The two allied powers initially made an agreement to harvest Exalted Stones together and split it equally between them.

However, as they mined deeper into the ancient remnant, they discovered that the quality of Exalted Stones was going up.

There was no such thing as eternal allies in the world of cultivation.

With huge interests at stake, those of the Nine Levels Pavilion soon succumbed to greed.

The two sectmasters of the previous generation were old friends.

While there were still occasional conflicts over the harvesting of Exalted Stones, they were quickly settled whenever the two sectmaster intervened.

However, as the two sectmasters passed away, the incumbent sectmaster of the Nine Levels Pavilion started revealing his ambitions.

He secretly ordered the sect members responsible for harvesting Exalted Stones to exert pressure on those from the World Spiritist Technique Sect, resulting in even more frequent conflicts.

The World Spiritist Technique Sects sectmaster knew that their sect wasnt on par with the Nine Levels Pavilion anymore, so he had no choice but to swallow it down despite knowing that his sect members were being bullied.

The Nine Levels Pavilion only grew more arrogant with time.

When their sectmaster finally made a breakthrough from rank seven Martial Exalted level to rank eight, he tore off all pretense and demanded to monopolize all of the Exalted Stones in the ancient remnant.

He was going to forbid the World Spiritist Technique Sect from entering the ancient remnant.

One must know that the World Spiritist Technique Sect was fully reliant on the ancient remnants Exalted Stones to purchase cultivation resources for their members.

If they lost this stream of income, they would swiftly fall into decline, and it was only a matter of time before they were destroyed.

The World Spiritist Technique Sect refused to cave in this time, but it didnt make a difference.

In the world of cultivation, any conflicts that couldnt be amicably resolved were settled through force.

Thus, the World Spiritist Technique Sects sectmaster sought the descendants of those who had witnessed the alliance between their powers and invited the Nine Levels Pavilions sectmaster to the ancient remnant for a negotiation.

It was a negotiation on the surface, but everyone knew that it was going to be a clash of strengths.

Unfortunately, the strongest ones in the World Spiritist Technique Sect at the moment were the sectmaster and the First Elder, which was none other than Yue Lings master.

They were both rank seven Martial Exalted level cultivators, which meant that they were no match for the Nine Level Pavilions sectmaster.

That was exactly what the Nine Levels Pavilions sectmaster was going for.

He was exploiting the fact that he had successfully made a breakthrough ahead of them.

Knowing that this was an impossible battle for them, the World Spiritist Technique Sects sectmaster went out with all of the sects resources to search for an expert who could help them.

However, as the day of the negotiation approached, the sectmaster still hadnt returned yet.

If the World Spiritist Technique Sect failed to attend the negotiation, that would be equivalent to acceding to the Nine Levels Pavilions demand.

That meant that they would no longer be qualified to step into the ancient remnant anymore, and the other witnessing powers would no longer interfere in this matter.

It was just that the World Spiritist Technique Sect didnt stand a chance as it was.

Yue Lings master simply wasnt a match for the Nine Levels Pavilions sectmaster.

When Yue Lings father abandoned her in the World Spiritist Technique Sect, her master took her in and raised her.

Her master was the one who treated her the best in the sect.

She couldnt bear to see her master in such distress, so she decided to seek Chu Fengs help.

“Yue Ling, theres no need for you to be so courteous for minor issues like this,” Chu Feng replied.

“Young master Chu Feng, it isnt convenient for you to make a move.

Allow me to go instead,” Song Yuwei said.

“Elder Yuwei, are your injuries fine now” Chu Feng asked.

“Young master Chu Feng, my injuries dont pose a problem anymore,” Song Yuwei replied.


Lets head there together then.”

While it was inconvenient for Chu Feng to make a move, he wouldnt be able to allay his worries unless he personally went there.

Thus, he decided to conceal his presence and discreetly follow them.

As soon as they stepped out of the forbidden land, Song Yuweis legs suddenly caved in.

She nearly fell to the ground.

“Elder Yuwei!”

Chu Feng rushed forward to check on her condition.

Her previously stabilized soul had started tearing, resulting in a deterioration in her physical condition too.

“Yue Ling, hurry up and bring Elder Yuwei back inside!” Chu Feng urged.

Realizing that something wasnt right, Yue Ling quickly did as she was told and brought Lord Yuwei back into the forbidden land.

Indeed, Lord Yuweis condition started to improve.

Within moments, she recovered back to her earlier state.

“Young master Chu Feng, what happened to me earlier” Lord Yuwei asked.

She didnt understand why her body would suddenly collapse earlier.

“Elder Yuwei, you only feel as if you have recovered due to the constant nourishment from the dense recovery energy here, but your injuries remain severe.

The moment you leave this area, your injuries will immediately relapse, resulting in a deterioration in your health.

Youll probably have to stay here for quite some time in order to make a full recovery.

“You mustnt leave this place, at least not for the time being.

You absolutely cannot head out right now,” Chu Feng instructed.

“But… what about Yue Ling We cant leave her to the lurch,” Lord Yuwei said.

“Ill go,” Chu Feng replied.

“Young master Chu Feng, isnt it inconvenient for you to make a move” Song Yuwei asked.

“Its indeed inconvenient for me to show myself, but just as you have said, we have to help Yue Ling.”

Chu Feng then turned to Yue Ling and said, “Yue Ling, its only a matter of time before I am wanted by the Situ World Spiritist Clan, but I cant disguise myself due to certain reasons.

I can conceal myself though, but theres a chance that someone might see through it.

“Thats why I need you to give your master a heads up so that he understands the risks here.

I am willing to help him, but there could be danger afterward.

If hes fine with it, Ill accompany your World Spiritist Technique Sect to the ancient remnant.

If he objects to it, Ill try to find another way to help you,” Chu Feng said.

“Alright, benefactor.

Ill do it right now!” Yue Ling said as she prepared to head out.

“Wait a moment! Do you know what to tell your master You do know that Im not supposed to be here, right” Chu Feng asked.

“Rest assured, benefactor.

I know what to say.

Ill tell my master that I met you by coincidence and requested your help.

I wont tell him anything about the forbidden land,” Yue Ling replied.


Go on,” Chu Feng said with his heart set at ease.

It didnt take long for Yue Ling to return.

“Benefactor, my master was delighted to learn of your offer.

He says that our World Spiritist Technique Sect will be put in dire straits if we fail to obtain the upper hand in the negotiation.

The consequences wont just stop at losing the ancient remnant.

After all, both my master and the sectmaster could make a breakthrough to rank eight Martial Exalted level at any time, and theres no doubt that we would compete for the rights over the ancient remnant once that happens.

“Thus, if our World Spiritist Technique Sect loses the negotiation, the Nine Levels Pavilions sectmaster will definitely make a move on us once the other witnessing powers leave.

In other words, this negotiation is our final chance.

If we lose, well have to escape from this place.

“My master understands that your identity is a little sensitive, but he thinks that you can discreetly make a move while under concealment,” Yue Ling said.

“I can deal with enemies far weaker than me while remaining under concealment, but the same cannot be said for enemies that are roughly around my level of strength.

Ill have to show myself and go all out in order to win the battle,” Chu Feng replied.

“My master is aware of that too, and hes willing to take that risk if it comes down to it,” Yue Ling replied.


Lets head off then.”

The two of them left the forbidden land together to meet Yue Lings master.

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