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Chapter 4854: A Long-awaited Smile

“What am I going to do For starters, I’ll have you experience pain worse than death.”

With a wave of Chu Feng’s hand, the black snakes began bolting toward Shengguang Yunyue like sharp arrows.

They squirmed their way into her body, thrashing her insides.

Shengguang Yunyue felt like her body would explode at any moment.


Yet, her body continued to persevere despite the excruciating pain.

Her guttural screams shook the palace, not stopping for even a brief moment.

“You squeal like a pig.

How revolting,” Chu Feng sneered.

He flung his wrist and formed a barrier around Shengguang Yunyue.

The latter continued to struggle and cry, but her voice had been sealed off by the barrier. 

The black snakes had the effect of crawling into one’s soul and afflicting venom on it.

The venom had the effect of stimulating one’s consciousness, forcing one to remain brutally conscious regardless of the intensity of pain received.

If even the self-defense mechanisms of one’s mind couldn’t shut off the pain, it was only a matter of time before one lost one’s mind. 

Chu Feng wanted Shengguang Yunyue to fully experience the cruel pain she had been inflicting on countless others over her lifetime. 

After punishing Shengguang Yunyue, Chu Feng turned his gaze toward the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief.

His sharp gaze made the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief cower fearfully behind the palace’s pillar as he shuddered in response. 

No one would have probably imagined that the lofty Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief would pee his pants.

“Xiaoxiao, he’s your father.

I’ll leave you to decide how you want to punish him.”

Before Long Xiaoxiao could say a word, the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief had already crawled his way to her.

“Xiaoxiao, save me! I don’t want to die!”

The Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief clutched Long Xiaoxiao’s legs as he cried wretchedly.

However, his pitiful attitude only spurred the revulsion of others after the cruelty he had just inflicted upon Long Xiaoxiao. 


With a kick, Chu Feng sent the Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief flying away from Long Xiaoxiao’s side. 

“How dare you grab her leg Know some shame! You aren’t worthy of calling yourself her father!” Chu Feng bellowed.

The Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief dared not to look at Chu Feng or reply to him.

He could only stare pleadingly at Long Xiaoxiao.

“Forget it, Chu Feng.

He’s my father.

I can’t hurt him regardless of what he has done,” Long Xiaoxiao said with a lowered head.

She didn’t wish to face Chu Feng with her current appearance.

Chu Feng could tell what she was worried about, so he walked up to her to pull her face toward him. 

Long Xiaoxiao immediately dodged in response.

She couldn’t allow Chu Feng’s hands to touch her hideous face.

“Don’t hide from me,” Chu Feng suddenly said.

Long Xiaoxiao really stopped hiding from him upon hearing those words.

She had always been heeding to Chu Feng’s will, and she continued to be so despite the plight she was in.

Yet, it only made Chu Feng feel awful.

He knew that she would have never proposed disfiguring herself to reject the Holy Light Clan if not for him.

In fact, had he never appeared in her life, she might have even accepted the marriage. 

That was the Holy Light Clan, after all.

He would never forget how Long Xiaoxiao was the first time he met her.

She was definitely not just the adorable girl she appeared on the surface.

She was a resourceful person who could rationally analyze a situation to decide on the best course of action.

It was his appearance that had caused her to change. 

Chu Feng touched Long Xiaoxiao’s face, and her face began to recover.

It was the effect of a formation.

By the time he moved his hand aside, her face had already reverted back to its previous beautiful form. 

“Impressive, young friend Chu Feng.

You were able to treat Xiaoxiao’s wounds with ease.”

The Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief meekly complimented him while heaving a sigh of relief.

“Shut your mouth!” 

Chu Feng shot him a cold glare.

The Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief shuddered at his gaze, and he immediately lowered his head quietly.

“Chu Feng, has my face really recovered”

Long Xiaoxiao touched her own face as a long-awaited smile started to blossom on her lips.

Chu Feng couldn’t bear to tell her the truth, but it would have been even crueler to lie to her. 

“Xiaoxiao, I don’t want to lie to you.

I didn’t heal your injuries.

This is just an advanced disguise formation.

Your face hasn’t been healed yet.

“However, there’s no need to worry.

I’ll surely treat you.

Do you remember my hideous appearance a while back Even I was able to recover from my state back then, so there’s surely hope for you too.

“Perhaps the Godwish Grandmother might be able to help us.

If she can’t, I believe that there’s bound to be someone that can help you! In this huge world of cultivation, there are many experts in this world who possess means far beyond our imagination! You just need to have faith that your appearance can be…”

Chu Feng tried his best to console Long Xiaoxiao, but the latter suddenly raised a fair finger and pressed it against Chu Feng’s lips.

“I know.

Even if others aren’t able to do it, you’ll surely be able to find a way to do so,” Long Xiaoxiao replied with a smile.

Her smile was so radiant that it looked as if she had already forgotten all of the sufferings she had been put through.

She was only able to smile like this due to her trust in Chu Feng.

She felt that he would be able to do it even if no one else could.

“Tell me more about the Holy Light Clan and your mother,” Chu Feng said.

He had gathered quite a bit of information thus far, but it would be more reliable to hear it straight from Long Xiaoxiao herself. 


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