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Chapter 4800: Aligning the Testimonies

“Chu Feng, you!!!”

Song Xi, Zhao Shi, Tu Yuanyuan, and the others were stunned by that sight. 

That was Zuoqiu Yanliang, the grandson of the vice sectmaster! Even though they agreed that Zuoqiu Yanliang deserved death, they didnt think that Chu Feng should have killed him because of the consequences.

Zuoqiu Youyu and the vice sectmaster would never let this matter go.

Zuoqiu Youyu was already frightening as he was, but the vice sectmaster was the second-in-charge of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, beneath only the sectmaster herself.

They were completely helpless against such an existence… 

In comparison, Chu Feng looked much calmer.

Despite having killed someone, he looked completely fine as if nothing had happened.

After popping off Zuoqiu Yanliangs head, he began channeling his spirit power to set up a recovery formation. 

After that, he fed Song Xi and the others recovery medicine.

It was only after their injuries and suffering alleviated by a fair bit did he finally begin to release them from their ropes.

While the rope was a powerful treasure, its binding effect was only effective on those who were being tied up.

Due to that, Chu Feng was able to easily release it from the outside.

“This rope seems like quite a valuable treasure.”

Chu Feng pocketed the rope without much hesitation.

Following that, he moved on to stow away all of the treasures in Zuoqiu Yanliangs Cosmos Sack.

He made sure to disguise the treasures before concealing them under multiple layers of barriers.

It wouldnt be easy for anyone other than himself to find all of the treasures on him.

He had to be additionally careful in case Zuoqiu Youyu insisted that he was the one who killed Zuoqiu Yanliang and wanted to search his body.

If these items were really found on him, it would be incriminating evidence enough to warrant his death.

But at the same time, there was simply too much good stuff on Zuoqiu Yanliang that Chu Feng didnt want to let it go to waste.

Besides, he was confident in his hiding ability too.

So, while what he was doing was dangerous, it was a calculated risk.

“Chu Feng, you sure are formidable.

Not only do you possess the Heavenly Bloodline, but you also have a Divine Power.

On top of that, youre able to unleash those powers to such an extent at Martial Exalted level.

Its mind-blowing for me to see a rank one Martial Exalted level cultivator like you defeating a rank three Martial Exalted level cultivator,” Xia Yan said.

As Chu Fengs cultivation had reverted back to rank one Martial Exalted level after killing Zuoqiu Yanliang, Xia Yan was able to figure out that this was Chu Fengs current cultivation level. 

However, that only made them even more impressed with Chu Feng.

“I finally understand why you were able to consecutively break Lord Dugu Lingtians records.

Youre really amazing!”

Even though Xia Yan hadnt fully recovered from her injuries, she looked like she had completely forgotten about her pain.

Her compliment for Chu Feng wouldnt stop, and her eyes looked like they were gleaming with admiration.

“Thats too scary! Is there such a huge gap between us If I think back to the time that I first saw you in the Dragon Clan… Eyy, it looks like Ill never be able to defeat you anymore.”

Li Muzhi looked at Chu Feng with complicated feelings.

While he did lose to Chu Feng in a battle of spirit power back at the Dragon Clan, his cultivation was at least far above that of Chu Feng.

Even after Chu Feng joined the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, he was still the stronger one here.

Yet, in the blink of an eye, Chu Feng had already surpassed him.

The incredible speed of his growth made Li Muzhi doubt his own talents as he wondered if he was really worthy of being deemed a prodigy or not.

“Youre flattering me.

Im not as formidable as youre putting me out to be.

If I really was, I wouldnt have to flee after being assaulted by Zuoqiu Youyu, putting all of you in such a dangerous position,” Chu Feng said.

“It was indeed Zuoqiu Youyus doing! I knew he was the culprit! Speaking of which, Chu Feng, it looks like youve managed to obtain your fortuitous encounter.

For some reason, the auras bestowed upon us dissipated some time ago,” Xia Yan said.

“My apologies.”

Chu Feng took a step back and clasped his fist at Xia Yan.

“What are you doing You just saved us! Why are you suddenly apologizing to me now” 

Xia Yan was confused.

“The fortuitous encounter I obtained here has something to do with the rest of you.

Once I obtain it, your fortuitous encounters would disappear correspondingly,” Chu Feng said. 

“Ah! Does that mean that Zuoqiu Youyu would be leaving this place empty-handed too” Xia Yan asked.

“Thats right,” Chu Feng replied with a nod.

“Hahaha! Its no wonder why Zuoqiu Yanliang was unable to figure out where the fortuitous encounter was despite having arrived at the destination.

It turns out that you were the one pulling the strings! Isnt this good news Theres no need for you to apologize to me!” Xia Yan exclaimed with a smile.

“But your fortuitous encounter…”

Before Chu Feng could finish his words.

Xia Yan burst into laughter once more.

“Hahaha, what are you so worried about You dumbo! We were captured by Zuoqiu Youyu right after you were assaulted.

Even if you werent around, I wouldnt have a chance to obtain the fortuitous encounter.

Oh yeah, how did you manage to avoid Zuoqiu Youyus assault” Xia Yan asked.

“It has something to do with the fortuitous encounter too.”

Chu Feng began filling Xia Yan and the others in on the details.

“Woah, you sure are incredible.

It turns out that the talented person the ugly old man spoke of was referring to you! That really scared me! I thought that he was talking about Zuoqiu Youyu!” Xia Yan remarked.


All of a sudden, the surroundings began to tremble.

The clouds billowed as a massive gate surfaced in the sky.

“Thats the gate to leaving this realm.

It looks like times up.

Were going to be forcefully evicted from the grounds.”

Chu Feng and the others could feel a force coming from the gate pulling them in.

“Li Muzhi, Zhao Shi, Song Xi, and Tu Yuanyuan, listen to me.

We need to align our testimonies.

It was Zuoqiu Youyu and Zuoqiu Yanliang who captured us first, but later on, Zuoqiu Yanliang stumbled upon a fortuitous encounter that disallows him from bringing anyone else with him, so he was forced to let us out.

He was intending to kill us, but he was unexpectedly swooped away by the power of the fortuitous encounter.

So, we dont know whether hes still alive or dead right now,” Xia Yan told Li Muzhi and the others. 

“Youre right.

We have to align our testimonies.

We have to insist that it was Zuoqiu Yanliang who let us down first, and whatever that happens to him has nothing to do with us,” Li Muzhi said.

Sogn Xi and Tu Yuanyuan also quickly nodded in agreement.

“It was Chu Feng who saved our lives today.

Im just going to put it out here.

Anyone who dares betray Chu Feng and reveal the fact that he was the one who killed Zuoqiu Yanliang, Ill make sure that he dies a tragic death!” Xia Yan emphasized.

There was murderous intent in her eyes. 


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