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Chapter 4552: Who Is Chu Feng

It was just that Yu Lie had gone into closed-door training ever since he defeated Shengguang Yu.

His long years of absence had brought about many rumors, none of them verifiable.

If Yu Lies name was appearing here too, did it mean that he would be participating in the tournament too

“If Yu Lie is really coming here too, the first place for this tournament would be pretty much confirmed.

After all, the Holy Light Clan wouldnt be participating in this tournament, so there wouldnt be any juniors in the Holy Light Galaxy who would be able to stand a chance against him.”

The crowd felt that the results were already decided if Yu Lie were to participate in the tournament.

This was how deeply-ingrained Yu Lies strength was in their minds.

“No, thats not right, Yu Lie is only in second place here.

The name on the tallest mountain still hasnt appeared yet.

Doesnt that mean that someone stronger than Yu Lie has appeared in the Holy Light Galaxy”

Someone suddenly mentioned.

No one thought that Yu Lies name would appear here, but its appearance only built up the tension for the revelation of the final mountain.

Finally, the purple light began to gather once more, and a name formed on the tallest mountain of all.

Chu Heavenly Clan, Chu Feng.

When those five words came into appearance, the commotion suddenly fell silent.

It was almost as if time had stopped.

Everyone stared unblinkingly at those five words, wondering if their eyes were tricks on them.

It was only a while later that a massive uproar broke out amongst them.

“Chu Heavenly Clan What the hell is that”

“Who in the world is Chu Feng”

Everyone was surprised by that name on the very last mountain because they had never heard of it before! They quickly browsed through the list of top powers of the Holy Light Galaxy in their minds, but the wordsChu Heavenly Clan reaped them no results at all.

All of this was pointing to the fact that both Chu Feng and the Chu Heavenly Clan were nobodies at all!

“Chu Feng Could it be that Chu Feng who defeated Lu Jie”

Someone suddenly thought of a plausible Chu Feng.

“Lu Jie… Youre referring to the disciple of the Dao Enlightenment Sage Exalted”

Another person sought clarification.

“Yes, Im referring to him.

The man who was dubbed as the most talented junior world spiritist in the current Holy Light Galaxy, Lu Jie.

Back then, in the Ancient Era Domain, other than the Dao Enlightenment Sage Exalted himself, nearly all of the world spiritists were present there.

“Chu Feng managed to awe everyone by defeating Lu Jie and obtaining the Ancient Era Domains heritage.

Right, he also has a master who is a Martial Exalted level cultivator! If I recall correctly, his master has grasped the terrifying rank five Dragon Transformation Sensation!”

“Ah, I remember him too! Chu Fengs master is not only powerful, but hes a vicious man too.

Even the renowned Grandmaster Luo Tuo and Ghost-faced Heavenly Exalted were killed by him!”

There were many people who witnessed the happenings at the Ancient Era Domain back then.

It was so shocking that only those who had witnessed it in person would have been able to grasp just how intense the situation was.

Soon, more and more people began to recall bits and pieces of Chu Fengs history, causing his reputation to swiftly spread amongst the crowd.

This made those who didnt have much of an understanding of Chu Feng realize that even if this man didnt have a powerful background, he was definitely a force to be reckoned with.

That being said, even if he was able to defeat Lu Jie as a world spiritist, it didnt necessarily mean that he was equally powerful as a cultivator too.

They could understand it if Chu Feng had appeared in one of these eleven mountains, but it was a little hard for them to accept him appearing in the tallest one, ranking even higher than the legendary Yu Lie.

As such, there was a lingering sentiment that Chu Feng was unworthy of his current position.


All of a sudden, the purple light that had spread out wide earlier in the day began to contract into a purple sphere above the Niantian Gambling Formation before dissipating into nothingness.

When all of the purple light finally vanished from sight, a silhouette came into appearance.

This person was the master of the Niantian Gambling Formation, Daoist Niantian.

“Lord Niantian, may I ask what do the names on the eleven mountains signify”

“Milord, why did Yu Lies name appear on one of the mountains Does this mean that hell be participating in the tournament too”

“Lord Niantian, is Chu Feng really worthy of having his name appear on the highest mountain”

Daoist Niantians appearance immediately brought forth numerous questions from the crowd.

“Everyone, this ranking is based on my own judgment.

Its not indicative of the results of the tournament thats going to happen,” Daoist Niantian answered the crowds question.

It was just that the answer left everyone feeling even more confused.

This would mean that Daoist Niantian acknowledged Chu Fengs strength, but why would that be so

Was Chu Feng really that formidable of a person

“Lord Niantian, do you really view Chu Feng to be even stronger than Yu Lie Could it be that youre acquainted with Chu Feng”

The crowd voiced out their confusion.

However, Daoist Niantian couldnt be bothered to explain himself anymore.

He began forming hand seals with a single hand, causing purple light to glow from his body.

His actions swiftly incurred a response from the Niantian Gambling Formation.


Daoist Niantian flung his sleeves grandly, and innumerable droplets of purple light swiftly formed and scattered all around the surroundings.

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