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Chapter 4516: Too Long

Chu Feng was at a loss as to what to do from the Moon Immortals embrace.

After all, she was Qing Xuantians woman.

However, Chu Feng quickly noticed that Su Mei, who had leaped into his embrace, suddenly began giggling under her breath, which made him realize that he was thinking too much into it.

“So it was you, Lil Mei” Chu Feng grabbed Su Mei and asked.

“Hahaha, big brother Chu Feng, it cant be that you really thought that the one who embraced you was big sister Moon Immortal Eh, why is your heart beating so fast You really do like our big sister Moon Immortal” Su Mei looked up at Chu Feng as she asked with a smile.

“How is that possible Im just a little stunned, thats all.

You lass, why didnt you tell me that its you” Chu Feng asked.

“A little stunned Hey! We have already known each other for so long, but you cant even tell me apart Hai! Men are, in the end, just men.

They sure are fickle-hearted! I bet that you have found yourself many new women while me and my big sister arent around, right

“Tell me the truth, are you married yet Do you have a child How many wives and concubines do you have What will be the standing of our first child” Su Mei shot out questions one after another without waiting for Chu Feng to respond.

“What are you talking about It hasnt been that long since we last parted, so how could I possibly have a child Besides, neither you two nor Zi Ling waas by my side, so who am I going to have my children with” Chu Feng grumbled indignantly.

“Youre such a philanderer.

How am I to know whether you have found other people or not” Su Mei replied with a pout, not believing Chu Fengs words at all.

“I… I… Im framed!” Chu Feng cried out, aggrieved.

“Alright, Lil Mei.

You should stop making fun of Chu Feng.”

It was then that Su Mei spoke up behind Su Rou.

“I was just joking! Its not like Chu Feng cant take a joke!” Su Mei looked at her elder sister with a grin before suddenly speaking up once more.

“Big brother Chu Feng, I have good news for you.

You have done well saving us, so big sister Moon Immortal has prepared a huge gift for you.”

“Huge gift What huge gift Chu Feng asked.

“She has allowed you to accompany me and my big sister for a night!” Su Mei replied.

“Are you serious Lil Mei, you cant lie to me on something like this!” Chu Fengs eyes suddenly reddened in agitation.

“Of course its real! Why would I lie to you over something like this But itll just be one night.

Tomorrow at dawn, well have to leave this place together with big sister Moon Immortal,” Su Mei said.

“Haha, things are different from before.

I dont expect too much.

Im already satisfied with one night,” Chu Feng remarked in delight as he wrapped his hands around Su Rou and Su Mei.

“Right, what did your big sister Moon Immortal head out earlier for Can you tell me” Chu Feng asked out of curiosity.

“What else Needless to say, its to take care of that Conquerstar Mountain Villas Villa Master.

Its just that that fellow is simply too sly.

He actually got away!” Su Mei said.

“Got away So fast That means that he knew that Elder Moon Immortal would be able to pose a threat to him after assimilating the Conquerstar Immortal Grass” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course! He knows what big sister Moon Immortals ability is! The Conquerstar Immortal Grass harnesses immortal power, which is fully compatible with big sister Moon Immortals bloodline power.

“Typically speaking, theres no one in the world who could assimilate the Conquerstar Immortal Grass directly, but our big sister Moon Immortal is able to easily assimilate the energy within the Conquerstar Immortal Grass into her body and convert it into her cultivation.

“You wont even be able to imagine just how formidable our big sister Moon Immortal is right now!” Su Mei said.

“Lil Mei, what is Elder Moon Immortals cultivation right now”

Chu Feng was curious to know how strong the Moon Immortal was right now.

“Well… Thats a secret.

I shant tell you!” Su Mei replied.

“Heh, keeping a secret from me” Chu Feng asked.

“Why cant I” Su Mei raised her head to look at Chu Feng as she replied cheekily.

“Heh, you lass! To dare to keep a secret from me, looks like you have forgotten just how formidable I am.

Very well, I shall let you recall just how incredible of a man your big brother Chu Feng is!”

As he spoke, Chu Feng began moving his hand around Su Meis body.

Even though Su Mei was mischievous and liked to play around, her feelings for Chu Feng were very real.

In the days that she was away from Chu Feng, she missed him deeply.

In the instant that Chu Feng began to kiss her, Su Meis body suddenly became extraordinarily obedient.

“Cough cough… Lil Mei, dont forget what big sister Moon Immortal said,” Su Mei suddenly coughed out, interjecting in this moment.

“Ah, we cant do it!”

Su Mei suddenly widened her eyes in realization, and she pushed Chu Feng away.

Seeing this, Chu Feng chuckled a little and looked at Su Rou, saying, “Is my Rourou getting jealous Theres no need to, I dote on the two of you the same!”

After saying those words, Chu Feng moved in to kiss Su Rou.

“We cant, big brother Chu Feng!”

Yet, who could have thought that Su Mei would suddenly pull Chu Feng back, stopping him.

“Whats wrong Are the two of you really fighting with one another This… doesnt seem like you two” Chu Feng asked in bewilderment.

Su Rou and Su Mei were both his wives, but the two of them werent the type to get jealous at all.

Not only had they ever gotten into a conflict with one another over Chu Feng, but they also got along well with Zi Ling as well.

So, the actions of the two of them at this very moment seemed a little unnatural.

“What are you thinking of Its big sister Moon Immortal!” Su Mei knocked Chu Fengs head hard with her knuckle as she said.

“Elder Moon Immortal Whats wrong with her” Chu Feng asked.

“Do you really not know, or are you feigning ignorance Big sister Moon Immortal is in our body right now, so she can see whatever youre doing to us!” Su Mei exclaimed.

“To be more exact, youre embracing big sister Moon Immortal right now by embracing us too,” Su Rou further supplemented.


Chu Fengs face immediately collapsed as he quickly released the two beauties around his arms.

“This… This is way too hard to bear!:

Seeing how the two women he dreamed of day after day were within reach yet untouchable, Chu Feng really felt like breaking into tears.

“Alright alright, theres no need to feel too sad.

Big sister Moon Immortal has said that shell return our freedom within 30 years,” Su Mei consoled Chu Feng.

“30 years Really” A slight smile finally returned to Chu Fengs face after hearing those words.

30 years was still a long time, but it was much shorter compared to the initial promise of 100 years.

“Our big sister Moon Immortal is a woman of her words!” Su Mei said.

“Heh, I find it hard to believe the words that come out from your mouth,” Chu Feng looked at Su Mei skeptically before turning to Su Rou for affirmation.

“Yes, I can vouch for that,” Su Rou chuckled helplessly to herself before replying to Chu Feng.

Her smile was truly beautiful like a flower.

Chu Feng was still overjoyed over the reduced duration in the promise, but when he looked at the tantalizing Su Rou and the adorable Su Mei once more, he gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

Then, he turned to the sky and cried in agony, “But thirty years is still way too long!”

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