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Chapter 4382: Unexpected Gain

Death Dominion was a formation that was set up by Grandmaster Sagacious himself.

As long as a person was able to pass through this formation, he would be able to gain the rights to challenge the final victor of the tournament.

Of course, this formation, just as its name suggested, was incredibly dangerous.

Those who were lacking in strength could find themselves meeting their end.

Grandmaster Sagacious had once constructed the Death Dominion elsewhere, and initially, there were many arrogant individuals who tried to challenge the formation.

However, as it turned out, hardly anyone was able to walk out of it alive, let alone clearing it.

It was then that the reputation of the Death Dominion began spreading far and wide.

Unless one really had absolute confidence in their capabilities, or else no one would dare to challenge this formation.

However, given the current situation, the Death Dominion was the only way for Chu Feng to win the tournament.

The entrance of the Death Dominion was a formation gate located inside the city.

There were quite a few people gathered around this formation gate, but none of them had any intention of entering it.

Instead, they were just here to watch the commotion.

As the formation gate wasnt too big, these people were able to fully surround the formation gate, such that it was impossible to get to it without passing through them.

“May I pass through” Chu Feng asked them after landing on the ground.

“Who are you”

The crowd turned to look at Chu Feng and assessed him from head-to-toe.

After realizing that they didnt recognize the latter at all, impatient looks appeared on their faces.

Following that, they simply turned their heads back and ignored Chu Feng.

No one bothered to give way to him.

“I wish to challenge the Death Dominion.

Can you step aside so that I can pass through” Chu Feng said once more.

“What You want to challenge the Death Dominion”

“Hahaha, am I hearing things This fellow actually wants to challenge the Death Dominion!”

In an instant, laughter roared loudly in the area.

These people looked at Chu Feng in disdain and sarcasm.

They didnt think that Chu Feng would really dare to challenge the Death Dominion at all.

On the other hand, seeing how these people refused to give away after all that had been said, a cold glint flickered across Chu Fengs eyes.

Since they were picking a fight over here, he would fulfill their wishes.

“Everyone, please dont mock a person with dreams!”

It was at this moment that a voice sounded.

The crowd turned their heads over and saw a middle-aged man.

This middle-aged man was three meters tall, and he had a well-built body.

He had an abundance of facial hair, which made him look incredibly masculine.

Despite his rugged exterior, Chu Feng noticed that his eyes were actually very gentle.

“Its Liu Shangwu! He actually came here too…”

“Hes a man who has successfully cleared the Death Dominion, a genius world spiritist who has comprehended rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation despite only being of 159 years in age.”

“Since Liu Shangwu is here, it seems like Zhao Xuanhe would finally have a competitor.”

“Looks like theres a show ahead of us!”

It appeared that this middle-aged man was quite renowned within this region.

“This brother over here, are you really intending on challenging the Death Dominion” Liu Shangwu walked up to Chu Feng and asked.

“Yes, thats right,” Chu Feng replied

“Why” Liu Shangwu asked.

“I wasnt planning to participate in the competition; it was just a spur of a moment thing.

But the tournament is already nearing its end, so this is the only option I have,” Chu Feng replied.

“I see… Everyone, do open up a path for this brother over here,” Liu Shangwu turned to the crowd and said.

When he said those words, the crowd gathered in front of the formation gate really stepped side to open up a path.

Even though Chu Feng had the ability to do it himself, he still felt a little bit of warmth from Liu Shangwus help.

“Thanks,” Chu Feng said before walking into the Death Dominion.

Despite the ominous name ofDeath Dominion, the scenery beyond the formation gate was actually incredibly beautiful.

It was a place similar to a cavern, and there wasnt too much room around.

The walls of the cavern appeared to be embedded with crystals that shone beautifully, dazzling those in the area.

There was only a single path for him to head in within the cavern, and looking ahead, Chu Feng could see that there were many impediments blocking his way.

Nevertheless, to Chu Feng, these impediments were just mere decoration that didnt pose any trouble.

He was able to easily overcome them.

The so-called Death Dominion turned out to be easier than Chu Feng expected, but based on his experience, he felt that the easy difficulty might just be a trap for something greater to come.

Thus, he dared not to let down his guard at all.

He continued to scan his surroundings periodically using his Heavens Eyes.

At this moment, Chu Feng had just breached a formation, but his eyes remained fixated on the formation he had breached.

He began speaking to Yu Sha, “Hey lass, are you there”

“You have business with me” Yu Sha replied.

“Lass, did your cultivation grow recently” Chu Feng asked.

“Not yet.” Yu Sha shook her head in response.

“What is it”

“Theres a chance for you to advance your cultivation now,” Chu Feng replied.

“What” Yu Sha was a little confused as to what Chu Feng was driving at.

“Theres a treasure that can raise your cultivation in here, and Ill bring it out for you later on.”

As Chu Feng spoke, he began setting up a formation.

In truth, along the way, he had already realized that there were some treasures hidden inside this Death Dominion.

It was just that obtaining these treasures would require quite a bit of effort and means.

Besides, the treasures he had encountered previously didnt interest him, so he wasnt willing to waste time on them either.

So, he simply ignored them and walked straight by.

However, the treasure he was seeing this time around was different.

It was an extraordinary item that was somewhat like the Asura God Stone.

Based on what Chu Feng saw, the treasure would be extremely useful toward world spirits.

Currently, he had simply too many powerful enemies lying around, so he desperately needed to raise his fighting prowess, but he needed some fortuitous encounters if he wanted to do so quickly.

On top of that, Milady Queen was currently in closed-door training, so even if he found good stuff, she wouldnt be able to use it either.

Given the current circumstances, the best choice he could make was to raise Yu Shas fighting prowess instead.

The only issue was that obtaining that treasure was no easy feat.

Chu Feng had to suffer quite a bit of physical pain in order to do so.

To put it in simple terms, Chu Feng had to set up a formation to activate another formation that was hidden in this area.

As long as he could breach that hidden formation, he would be able to obtain the treasure that was useful toward world spirits.

However, the trick to breaching the formation was a little atypical.

The formation would inflict pain upon Chu Feng, and only by toiling through the pain would he be able to obtain the treasure,

This was probably an intentional design by Grandmaster Sagacious to test the bonds between a world spiritist and his world spirit.

After all, without a strong bond, which world spiritist would be willing to put himself through great pain for his own world spirit


As soon as the hidden formation was activated, a terrifying surge of energy began flowing out in the form of a lavalike fluid, but without a doubt, it wasnt as simple as mere lava.

The assault of the intense heat from the energy caused the crystal embedded in the walls of the cavern to begin melting.

And this was just the first wave of heat.

There was something more terrifying biding its time inside the formation.

Rather than a formation, Chu Feng felt like he was standing right before the entrance of a volcano, in front of a pool of lava that could easily take his life away.

“Where is the treasure you mentioned”

Yu Sha was able to share sight and hearing with Chu Feng, but she was unable to find what Chu Feng seemed to have found, so she couldnt understand the current situation either.

However, in her view, this formation didnt have anything to do with a treasure or whatnot.

“Theres no need to get hasty, lass.

Youll see it soon enough!”


Right after saying those words, Chu Feng leaped right into the formation.

“W-what are you doing Are you out of your mind!” Yu Sha exclaimed in horror.

She knew that Chu Feng must have his own agenda for doing so, but she couldnt understand the rationale behind his actions.

She could only tell that leaping into the formation was an incredibly dangerous act.


It didnt take long for Chu Feng to be completely devoured amidst the lava.

As the intense heat seared his body, he let out a cry of agony.

This pain wasnt just limited to physical suffering but the torture of the soul as well.

It was even more unbearable than what Ma Chengying and the others had done to him.

Fortunately, it had no threat on his life.

It was just hard to tolerate.

But what kind of pain had Chu Feng never gone through before

To him, as long as he could benefit out of it, it was perfectly normal for him to pay a price for it.

At least, in his point of view, this was a worthwhile trade.

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