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“This treasure is truly powerful.”

Actually, even Chu Feng himself was pleasantly surprised.

After activating the little golden person, Chu Feng had gained its power.

It was as the Mystic Cave Saints had said, the little golden person had given Chu Feng the power of a rank four Utmost Exalted.

However, even though Chu Feng had gained the power of a rank four Utmost Exalted, he did not manage to display it to the pinnacle.

That was the reason why Chu Feng was unable to directly defeat the All-heaven Sects sectmaster when he was fighting him with only the All-heaven Dragon Sword in hand.

It wasnt that Chu Feng was trying to hold back.

Rather, his battle power was increasing nonstop.

For the sake of defeating Chu Feng, the All-heaven Sects sectmaster had begun to use martial techniques and other abilities nonstop.

He was trying to increase his battle power so that he could defeat Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng was unable to use any such techniques.

Although the little golden person had given Chu Feng power, it had also restricted his own power.

Whilst it was able to increase Chu Fengs battle power to that of a rank four Utmost Exalted, it also made it impossible for Chu Feng to use any of his abilities.

Not to mention martial skills, secret skills and Immortal Techniques, Chu Feng was also unable to use his Incomplete Exalted Armament.

If that werent the case, Chu Feng would be able to use an Incomplete Exalted Armament that increased his battle power, and not a random sword condensed by the power of the little golden person.

As such, it wasnt that Chu Feng wasnt using any of his abilities.

Rather, he was unable to use any of them.

Originally, Chu Feng had felt very worried with the situation being like that.

He had braced himself to fight the All-heaven Sects sectmaster because there was no other alternative.

However, as they fought, Chu Feng discovered that the power of the little golden person was not as simple as it had appeared to be.

He began to grasp more of its power, and his battle power had begun to increase nonstop.

Even though the All-heaven Sects sectmaster had unleashed his full strength and increased his battle power greatly, he was still unable to defeat him.

Chu Feng had now gained absolute superiority in their battle.

“Milady, are you alright”

Han Xiu had arrived beside Zhao Hong.

Even though her dantian was damaged, her injury was already greatly alleviated after being treated by Chu Feng.

Instead, it was Zhao Hong who still had lightning damaging her body, and was still suffering from the pain and restriction caused by it.

That was why Han Xiu had gone over to Zhao Hong to try to alleviate her pain.

However, Zhao Hongs gaze was wholly focused on the battle between the All-heaven Sects sectmaster and Chu Feng.

“Xiuer, that Asura, is he that youngster that you spoke of earlier” asked Zhao Hong.

Han Xiu had mentioned a youngster called Asura to her before, who had provided enormous help to her Red-dress Holy Land.

Furthermore, the voice that Zhao Hong had thought sounded familiar also belonged to that Asura.

As such, Zhao Hong had some impression of the name.

“Yes, Milady.

Thats him,” replied Han Xiu.

“His friendship with you is quite deep.

Hes actually willing to come to your aid at such a time,” said Zhao Hong as she looked at the battle.

Her gaze moving emotionally.

She was able to tell that Asura was risking his life.

“He is indeed a benefactor of my Red-dress Holy Land…”

Han Xiu didnt know how to explain things, and could only say that Asura was their benefactor.

She had actually never anticipated that Chu Feng would come to their aid in their moment of crisis.

In terms of friendship, it would be her Red-dress Holy Land that owed Asura, not the other way around.

They had not provided him with a lot of help.

Han Xiu didnt understand why the youngster by the name of Asura would go so far for her Red-dress Holy Land, why he would repeatedly come to their rescue and even risk his life to do so.

Could it really be because he was Yin Zhuanghongs friend


Suddenly, a splash of blood sprinkled forth in midair.

The All-heaven Sects sectmaster rushed back explosively.

Not only did he retreat from the battle, he had even fled into the distant sky before finally stopping.

Once he fled, the crowd that were unable to tell what was going on in the battle were finally able to see him again.

However, when they saw him again, their expressions became complicated.

They even felt waves of unease.

They were astonished to discover that the All-heaven Sects sectmaster was panting hard and sweating profusely.

Even his complexion had turned pale.

He looked like a completely different person from the composed and relaxed individual who had defeated Zhao Hong.

Most importantly, his right hand was not only holding onto his All-heaven Dragon Sword, but it was also holding onto his left shoulder.

It turned out that his left arm had been severed by Chu Feng.

Like Zhao Hong, he had lost an arm!


Suddenly, a golden ray streaked across the sky and arrived before the All-heaven Sects sectmaster in the blink of an eye.

It was Chu Feng.

Chu Feng was planning to press the attack to ensure victory, and began to attack the All-heaven Sects sectmaster even more ferociously.

At that moment, he All-heaven Sects sectmaster had an ugly expression, and was backing away repeatedly.

In merely a couple exchanges, Chu Fengs sword had left multiple bloody wounds on Liu Shuos body.

With the situation like that, the All-heaven Sects sectmaster began to panic.

If this were to continue, he would undoubtedly be defeated.

Seeing that the situation had become very bad, the All-heaven Sects sectmaster shouted furiously, “How much longer are you all planning to stand there and watch!”

“If he is allowed to escape, youll never be able to retrieve the treasures from the stone case!”

His shout was naturally meant for the leaders of the five great powers.

Hearing his shout, the five leaders exchanged glances.

Then, the five of them disappeared simultaneously.

When they reappeared, they had surrounded Chu Feng from all sides.

Seeing that, Chu Feng immediately stopped his pursuit.

Holding the golden sword, he gazed coldly at the five leaders.

Faced with Chu Fengs gaze, the five leaders expressions changed.

A slight amount of restraining fear was present in their eyes.

They knew how powerful the All-heaven Sects sectmaster was.

When not even he was a match for Chu Feng, they knew that Asura would be very difficult to handle.

As such, they did not rashly attack him.

“Young friend, were able to tell that you have a friendly relationship with those two ladies.

Otherwise, you wouldnt have risked your life to rescue them.”

“Actually, we are unwilling to involve ourselves in your personal grudge with the All-heaven Sect.”

“However, the treasures from the stone case belong to us.”

“As long as youre willing to hand them over, we are willing to let the past be the past.

As for your grudges with the All-heaven Sect, we are also willing to disassociate ourselves from them,” the Miao Heavenly Clans Clan Chief said to Chu Feng.

Hearing those words, the corners of the All-heaven Sects sectmasters lips began to twitch repeatedly.

What the hell was this

Were they not implying that they were going to disregard what happened to him as long as Chu Feng handed over the treasures from the stone case

However, surprisingly, Chu Fengs gaze remained cold and determined.

He showed no intention of compromising.

“Seniors, whilst it is true that I, Asura, wronged you all by snatching the treasures from the stone case.”

“However, Ive stated it before, even if I didnt do anything, the treasures would have ended up in the All-heaven Sects hands.”

“As such, I felt that Id wronged you because Im kind-hearted.

But, the truth is… I am totally capable of having a clear conscience.”

“If we are to look at this from another angle, the treasures from the stone case have nothing to do with you all anymore.

What Ive snatched were merely the All-heaven Sects treasures.”

“If seniors are willing to not involve yourselves with the matter here today, I, Asura, will remember your kindness in my heart, and will definitely compensate you in the future.”

“However, if you insist on involving yourselves…”

When he spoke to you that point, Chu Fengs expression became particularly ice-cold.

Even the crowd below were able to feel a bone-chilling coldness.

“...then, do not blame me for being cruel and heartless; do not blame me for unleashing a massacre.”


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