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Chu Feng and Gu Mingyuan entered the Mirror Sea at practically the same time.

Upon entering the Mirror Sea, Chu Feng was able to see surging waves wreaking havoc beneath.

Sure enough, the Mirror Seas reputation was well-deserved.

Although its surface appeared tranquil, the water within surged violently.

Danger lurked on every side within the Mirror Sea.

After entering the Mirror Sea, Chu Feng felt a piercing cold.

It was a feeling akin to ice-cold blades sweeping past his body repeatedly.

The further down he dove, the more intense that sensation became.

This sort of oppressive sensation that Chu Feng felt was caused by the Mirror Seas seawater.

Fortunately, Chu Feng was still able to withstand the sensation, and the piercing cold was unable to cause substantial damage to his body.

Furthermore, what brought Chu Feng the greatest joy was that he discovered that, different from outside the Mirror Sea, his Heavens Eyes were effective upon entering the Mirror Sea.

Chu Feng was able to see a deep blue light deep in the seawater.

Although that light was very faint, it was very peculiar.

Chu Feng determined that that light was the legendary Natural Oddity, the Deepsea Pupils.


At practically the same instant when Chu Feng discovered the Deepsea Pupils, Gu Mingyuan dove straight toward their location.

Evidently, she had also discovered the Deepsea Pupils using her own special observation ability.


However, before Gu Mingyuan could approach the Deepsea Pupils, she let out a scream.

Chu Feng saw an enormous wave of water rushing out from the seafloor below.

That wave was very powerful.

Not only did it push Gu Mingyuan back, but it also left her completely bloodied.

Gu Mingyuan was injured.

Furthermore, her injury was rather serious.


Chu Feng immediately rush to Gu Mingyuan.

He wanted to treat her injury.

However, right after Chu Feng arrived before her, she dove down again.

This time around, she was emitting a white light from her body.

It was an Immortal Technique.

That Immortal Technique was capable of increasing her speed.

After using her Immortal Technique, Gu Mingyuan turned into a flash of white light as she rushed toward the Deepsea Pupils.


However, the result from this attempt was the same as the previous attempt.

Before she could reach the Deepsea Pupils, a powerful wave battered her back.

“Damn it! What the hell is that! Its simply impossible to approach!”

Gu Mingyuan was completely bloodied.

Open wounds filled her body.

However, her gaze was still fixed on the location of the Deepsea Pupils.

Anger and unreconcilation filled her eyes.

“Senior, the suppression of the Mirror Sea seems to not be determined too much by ones cultivation, no” Chu Feng asked.

The reason why Chu Feng asked that question was because there was an enormous difference in cultivation between him and Gu Mingyuan.

If the oppressive power from the Mirror Sea was a simple oppressive power, the depth that Gu Mingyuan was able to reach should be a depth that Chu Feng could not endure.

However, Chu Feng and Gu Mingyuan were both at the same depth, and enveloped by the same region of water.

Although they were both under pressure, their pressure seemed to be the same amount.

The pain that they were feeling was the same.

Chu Feng did not feel greater pressure because his cultivation was weaker.

“Thats right.

The oppression from the Mirror Sea is determined by the individual.

Regardless of what cultivation one might have, everyone seems to be faced with the same amount of pressure,” said Gu Mingyuan.

“If everyone will be faced with the same pressure after entering the Mirror Sea, why would Grandmaster Liangqiu say those below Martial Immortal will be torn to pieces after entering the Mirror Sea”

“Furthermore, why would Grandmaster Liangqius friend tell senior Chu Xuanzhengfa that he must not enter this place” Chu Feng asked.

“As ones cultivation increases, ones willpower will also increase.

You shouldve discovered that the oppressive sensation from this place will bring you pain.

However, your body is uninjured by it.”

“Actually, what the oppressive sensation from this place does is whittle away at your willpower.”

“More than anything, the Mirror Sea is a place that torments ones willpower.

If ones willpower is insufficient, ones soul will be torn apart.”

“Martial Immortals and those below do not possess sufficient willpower.

Even if the oppression from the Mirror Sea is of the same degree, they will still not be able to endure it.”

“Chu Feng, you shouldve also realized that youre able to withstand the oppression of this place due to your astonishing willpower, no”

“After all, youre not only an Exalted-level martial cultivator, but youre also a Saint-cloak World Spiritist,” after Gu Mingyuan finished saying those words, her expression suddenly changed.

She asked, “Why did you suddenly ask such a question”

“This junior has already guessed that might be the case.

However, I wanted to confirm it.

Thats why I asked senior.”

“Now that Ive received seniors confirmation, we can retrieve the Deepsea Pupils.”

After saying those words, Chu Feng turned his gaze downward.

“Senior, earlier, I was inspecting the wave that injured you and pushed you back.

That wave was released by a small-scale formation.”

“I will go and seal off that formation.

Senior, you will then attempt to retrieve the Deepsea Pupils,” said Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, that wave is different from the oppression from the Mirror Sea.

It is capable of causing considerable harm.”

“Look, even I was left injured to such a state.

If you are attacked by that wave, you will definitely end up dying,” said Gu Mingyuan.

“Senior, I feel that the wave is the same as the oppression from the Mirror Sea.”

“Even though our cultivations differ greatly, it will bring the same amount of oppression to us.”

“I will not sustain greater injuries than senior,” after saying those words, Chu Feng was prepared to dive down.

“No, you must not do that,” however, before Chu Feng could dive down, he was pulled back by Gu Mingyuan.

“Senior, we dont have much time.

We must obtain the Deepsea Pupils quickly.

Otherwise, we wouldve come here in vain,” Chu Feng turned around.

“Even if thats the case, we cannot have you risk your life,” said Gu Mingyuan.

“Senior, you yourself said that Im not an ordinary Exalted-level martial cultivator.

I am also a Saint-cloak World Spiritist.”

“Thus, you should trust my judgement,” said Chu Feng.

Complicated emotions appeared in Gu Mingyuans eyes.

For a moment, she didnt know what to do.

“No, if you plan to go, then we will go together.

I will block that formation and you will go retrieve the Deepsea Pupils,” said Gu Mingyuan.

“Senior, you already attempted it earlier.

Its impossible for you.

However, it might be possible for me,” said Chu Feng.

“No, I cannot allow you to take such risks,” Gu Mingyuan spoke with determination.

Hearing those words, determination flashed through Chu Fengs face.

Then, he clenched his teeth and revealed a look of pain.

Following that, blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

In merely an instant, Chu Feng became much weaker.

He seemed like he was seriously injured.

“Chu Feng, what are you doing Have you gone mad”

Seeing this, Gu Mingyuans expression changed enormously.

The reason for that was because she discovered that Chu Feng was harming his own soul.

His action was akin to suicide.

“Senior, this is my own decision.

Please respect my decision, release me and allow me to attempt it,” Chu Feng said to Gu Mingyuan.

“You…” Gu mingyuan was left in a very difficult position.

She truly did not wish for Chu Feng to brave such dangers.

However, he was simply too stubborn.

If she continued to hold him back, he would continue to harm himself.

At that time, he might end up killing himself by harming his soul too much.

Furious yet helpless, Gu Mingyuan sighed.

She then released Chu Fengs hand.

“Be careful, and approach slowly.

If you cant endure it, return immediately.”

“Even if Lingxi is unable to be cured right now, she will at most lose her eyesight.

There must be another way to treat her.”

“You absolutely must not throw away your life for her eyesight,” said Gu Mingyuan.

“Senior, please rest assured, I know what to do.”

Chu Feng let out a faint smile.

Then, he turned around and began to swim toward the location of the Deepsea Pupils.

Seeing Chu Fengs back as he swam away, unease filled Gu Mingyuans face, and a complicated emotion filled her eyes.

If she didnt witness it with her own eyes, she would not believe that Chu Feng would really decide to brave dangers for Chu Lingxis sake.

Chu Fengs action was a gamble; a gamble using his own life.

If it was as he had said, and the power of that wave was the same as the oppressiveness of the Mirror Sea, he would be able to live.

However, if the power of the wave was absolute, he would undoubtedly be killed.


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