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“Chu Feng, what do you think that guy is”

The reason Wuma Shengjie asked that was because she felt that the being that took away Chu Fengs Qilins Egg and placed poison in his body was likely not simply an Evil Spirit.

“I am as confused as you are.

However, the answer will one day be known.

Once I become an Utmost Exalted, we will naturally know the answer,” Chu Feng replied with a faint smile.

“How could you smile at a time like this Youre currently poisoned.

Are you not at all worried about that” Wuma Shengjie felt confused.

Chu Fengs mood was simply too good for what had just happened.

“Although I don\'t know exactly what it is and why it\'s there, it has taken my Qilins Egg and placed poison in me; it has gone through all that effort because it wants me to return.

Thus, it most definitely needs me to do something.

Furthermore, what it needs is something that only I am capable of accomplishing, something that it is unable to accomplish on its own.

Thus, it will definitely not kill me.”

“As for becoming an Utmost Exalted within ten years, do you think… I will be able to accomplish that” Chu Feng asked.

“With your talent, the Utmost Exalted realm will definitely not be a problem.

Merely, to become one within ten years… this deadline is truly short,” Wuma Shengjie revealed a look of worry.

It wasnt that she didnt think Chu Feng was capable of becoming an Utmost Exalted.

It was merely that becoming an Utmost Exalted was a truly difficult task.

After all, there were only a limited amount of Utmost Exalted-level experts in the entire Ancestral Martial Starfield.

Furthermore, without exception, all of them were people that had trained for thousands of years, or even over ten thousand years.

To become an Utmost Exalted within ten years

In ten years, Chu Feng would still be a person of the younger generation.

Furthermore, even amongst the people of the younger generation, he would still be rather young.

How could one become an Utmost Exalted-level expert at such a young age

No matter how much of a demon-level genius Chu Feng might be, becoming an Utmost Exalted within ten years would still be impossible to accomplish.

Because she felt that it would be impossible, Wuma Shengjie added, “Grandmaster Liangqiu is very fond of you.

He should be willing to help you.”

“Foolish girl.

Do you think that Grandmaster Liangqiu would be able to win against that guy Although the abnormal sign was caused by that so-called Nine Dragons Sage instead of that guy, that guys power is most definitely above Grandmaster Liangqius.”

“Thus, I believe that its words are most definitely not empty threats.

This poison will indeed be very difficult to remove.

If I tried to remove the poison myself, it would likely end up costing me my life,” said Chu Feng.

“That poison is truly that difficult to remove” Wuma Shengjie became nervous upon hearing those words.

As the poison was within Chu Fengs body, he should know the best just how powerful it was.


I was merely joking with you.

This poison is nothing serious.

Girl, be at ease.

I will be fine,” Chu Feng said.

Chu Feng had a smile on his face, and appeared to be completely at ease.

It was as if he was truly not pressured at all.

However, Wuma Shengjie was still frowning.

She knew that what he had said earlier was not a joke.

The poison in his body was most definitely extremely dangerous.

“Stop frowning like that.

In this selection for the Ancestral Martial Decastars, first place is destined to be mine.

However, as for second place, do you think you\'ll be able to obtain it” Chu Feng asked.

“We are trapped in here.

We dont even know when well be able to get out.

It would be fine if we\'re able to get out in time.

However, if we fail to get out in time, we won\'t even have the opportunity to participate in the final round.

How are we supposed to fight for the rankings then” Wuma Shengjie sighed.

“Thats true.

Since it has let us go, why make it this troublesome” As Chu Feng spoke, he began to carefully size up the tunnel.

Suddenly, Chu Feng spoke in a very serious manner, “Girl, look carefully.

This place… seems to contain martial comprehension.”

“Ah” Hearing those words, Wuma Shengjie immediately started observing her surroundings.

Once she did that, her expression changed enormously.

Being inside the tunnel, Chu Feng and Wuma Shengjie were unable to move freely.

Instead, there was a powerful wind pushing them forward, allowing them to travel through the tunnel rapidly.

The speed at which the two of them passed by the walls of the tunnel was also extremely fast.

However, when the two of them started to carefully observe their surroundings, they were able to see that there were mysterious veins engraved into the walls.

Upon comprehending those veins using their hearts, they found out that they actually contained martial comprehension!!!


At the moment when Chu Feng and Wuma Shengjie were carefully surveying the walls and sensing the martial comprehension contained within the veins, eerie voices sounded from the location where they had encountered that mysterious being.

“Although that brats cultivation is very weak, he is also very young.

Furthermore, he even had a Heaven-devouring Qilin on him.

I wonder what sort of background he possesses”

“Nine Dragons Saint, you couldnt possibly be trying to bring ruin upon this exalted one and lure the younger generation from some major family in here, right”

“No, thatd be strange.

This place is in the middle of nowhere, how could there be a powerful family here”

“Could it be that those huge monsters or some other people came to this place during the years when this exalted one was trapped in here”

As that voice sounded, the pair of enormous bloody eyes were focused on Chu Fengs Qilins Egg.

Not only was the enormous pair of eyes filled with joy, but there was also a trace of fear.


Nine Dragons Abnormal Sign Mound.

The crowd was becoming nervous.

Of the ten positions located deep inside the Nine Dragons Abnormal Sign Mound, seven were already occupied.

As for the seven individuals who occupied these positions, they were respectively Linghu Yueyue, Linghu Tiemian, Tantai Xinger, Linghu Mingye, Linghu Lun, Mengyan Wushuang and Tongtian Yuanming.

Only three positions remained.

When the three final individuals emerged, The Ancestral Martial Decastars would be decided.

Only the rankings would remain.

“I had originally thought that there would be a show to watch with that Chu Xuanyuans son Chu Feng and the prophesied child Wuma Shengjie.

Never would I have imagined that they would die just like that.”

“Its all that Linghu Tiemians fault.

That child is truly shameless to the extreme.”

At that moment, many people were secretly discussing matters, and spouting disdain toward Linghu Tiemian.

However, there were also people that were wild with joy, and unable to conceal their happiness.

Those people were naturally those that detested Chu Feng.

For example, they included the Gong Heavenly Clans younger generations, as well as the other people of the younger generation defeated by Chu Feng during the challenge for the Apex Pillars.

Of course, Linghu Tiemian himself was feeling the same way.

Although he was destined to endure disdain by others after his sneak attack against Chu Feng, he felt that it was all worth it, since he had managed to eliminate that thorn in his eye.


Right at that moment, thunder suddenly exploded in the previously sunny and cloudless sky.

Following that, black clouds filled with lightning emerged out of thin air and instantly covered the entire sky.

“What is going on”

Witnessing that scene, the crowds expressions all changed.

Not to mention those of the younger generation, even the grand individuals present, such as Tantai Xiangnan and Grandmaster Liangqiu, revealed a look of surprise.

The reason for that was because the scene before them was simply too familiar.

Wasnt that the abnormal sign that had appeared earlier


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