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Chapter 2297 – Court Cloud Sect

The demonic woman left.

Her figure had disappeared completely.

However, Chu Feng continued to stand there.

He looked to the direction that the demonic woman had disappeared in and remained stunned for a long period of time.

He was defeated.

Without a doubt, the result of the battle was Chu Feng’s defeat.

Furthermore, according to Chu Feng’s observation, the demonic woman didn’t seem to be very old; her age was about the same as Chu Feng’s.

In other words, today, not only was Chu Feng defeated by a member of the same generation, he was also defeated by a person of similar age to his own.

Although that demonic woman could not exactly be considered to be human, it remained that her age was present right before him.

Thus, being defeated in that battle was a blow to Chu Feng’s ego.

However, the greatest blow to Chu Feng was the fact that he was unable to avenge Wang Qiang.

After the effect of the Immortal Transformation Pellet disappeared, Chu Feng would return to his true level of cultivation of a rank four Half Martial Ancestor.

There was truly too enormous of a difference between him and the demonic woman.

Thus, while Chu Feng could continue to cultivate and meticulously train to increase his strength, the demonic woman possessed a talent that was not inferior to his own.

As such, her cultivation would most definitely also continue to increase.

With the performance exhibited by the demonic woman right now, it would truly be very unlikely for Chu Feng to be able to surpass her.

At the very least, it would be very difficult for Chu Feng to do so in a short period of time.

At that moment, Chu Feng finally felt the threat of a genius of a fellow member of the younger generation in the Outer World.

Sure enough, there were demon-level geniuses as powerful as or even stronger than Chu Feng in the Outer World.

“Young Hero, are you alright”

After a short while, several tens of figures arrived from the direction where those men and women escaped to.

These people were all elderly individuals.

Their cultivations were generally all at the Martial Ancestor level.

The old man who lead the group was even a rank five Martial Ancestor.

Judging from the title plates on their waists, as well as the clothes that they were wearing, Chu Feng knew that these people should be from the same power as those men and women.

“Young Hero, it is a pleasure to meet you.

I am the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master, Guo Shun.”

The old man with the cultivation of rank five Martial Ancestor that led the group was very polite toward Chu Feng as he asked cautiously, “Young Hero, you were the one who beat back that demonic woman earlier, right”

As for those elders from the Court Cloud Sect, they were all trembling with fear.

In fact, they did not even dare to look Chu Feng in the face or show any bit of disrespect toward him.

After all, Chu Feng’s current cultivation was that of a rank five Martial Ancestor.

Regardless of how seriously injured he might be, or how strong his battle power might be, his cultivation was still right before their eyes.

As for the five immortals beside Chu Feng, they were rank six Martial Ancestors; they were existences stronger than even their Sect Master.

As such, they would naturally be in fear before that sort of power, and not dare to show the slightest trace of disrespect.

“It is I who was fighting against that demonic woman earlier,” Chu Feng spoke the truth.

There was no need for him to hide something like that.

Furthermore, those disciples from the Court Cloud Sect had also seen the battle between Chu Feng and the demonic woman earlier.

“Young Hero is truly powerful.

Our Court Cloud Sect has been chasing after that demonic woman for a very long time.

However, we have never been able to capture her.

Every single time, we would end up letting her escape without even the opportunity to fight her head-on.”

“Young Hero, you should have just entered this place recently.

Yet, you were able to obstruct that demonic woman and even fight against her.

You are truly amazing,” The Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master said.

“That demonic woman is very powerful.

It might be fortunate that you all were unable to stop her.

Else, if you all were to force her into a corner, none of you would be a match for her,” Chu Feng said.

When Chu Feng mentioned that matter, the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master sighed.

Although he did not say anything, he had an awkward expression on his old face.

As for Chu Feng, he did not say anything more and prepared to leave.


However, right after Chu Feng took a step, his complexion immediately changed as an unbearable pain rushed through his entire body.

The reason why he had been able to attack the demonic woman earlier was because his pain had been temporarily shadowed by the killing intent to avenge his brother.

However, Chu Feng no longer possessed that overwhelming killing intent.

As such, he had returned to a state of being unable to move his body properly.

“Young Hero, it seems to me that you are seriously injured.

If you do not mind, what do you think about coming to our Court Cloud Sect to recuperate” The Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master said to Chu Feng.

The subordinates of his, the elders from the Court Cloud Sect, were quite discerning individuals.

Once their Sect Master spoke, they immediately took out a war chariot.

They wanted to use the war chariot to drive Chu Feng around.

“I’ll have to trouble you all then.”

Chu Feng was able to tell that the people of the Court Cloud Sect were sincere.

Furthermore, he was indeed extremely weak.

When the effect of the Immortal Transformation Pellet ended, Chu Feng would end up in an even more miserable state.

Thus, rather than recovering from his injuries in the wilderness, he felt that it would be better that he recuperate at the Court Cloud Sect.

At the very least, the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master was a rank five Martial Ancestor.

In times of crisis, he would be able to protect Chu Feng.

After entering the war chariot, the effects of Chu Feng’s Immortal Transformation Pellet soon wore off.

The people of the Court Cloud Sect were all astonished when Chu Feng’s cultivation returned from rank five Martial Ancestor to rank four Half Martial Ancestor.

“Young Hero, your cultivation” The Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master directly asked Chu Feng out of curiosity.

“This is my actual cultivation.

However, I possess the means to increase my cultivation to rank five Martial Ancestor instantly.

As for the five rank six Martial Ancestors you all saw earlier, they too are one of my abilities.”

Chu Feng did not try to conceal the matter.

The reason for that was because he knew that the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master was no ordinary character.

Even if Chu Feng wanted to conceal things from him, he would not be able to.

However, Chu Feng did not mention the fact that he had already lost the ability to increase his cultivation.

The reason for that was because Chu Feng knew very well that these people from the Court Cloud Sect were afraid of him precisely because of his earlier cultivation of rank five Martial Ancestor.

Thus, Chu Feng wanted them to think that he would be able to increase his cultivation to what he previously had immediately should he wish to do so.

Only by doing that would he be able to continue to give the people of the Court Cloud Sect a sense of danger.

Only by doing that would Chu Feng be able to feel safer.

“Young Hero possesses outstanding strength at such a young age.

You are truly worthy of admiration.”

“There have been extremely few people in our Hundred Refinements Ordinary Realm capable of accomplishing what Young Hero has.”

“May I know Young Hero’s distinguished name” The Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master asked.

“Chu Feng,” Chu Feng did not try to conceal his name.

“Chu Feng” Hearing that name, the people from the Court Cloud Sect were all astonished.

Involuntarily, they began to carefully inspect Chu Feng.

“Young Hero, are you that Chu Feng that killed Ying Liangchen, and is wanted by the Ying Heavenly Clan” The Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master asked.

“Precisely,” Chu Feng nodded.

“Young Hero is truly a courageous individual.

That Ying Liangchen is someone who has done all sorts of evil.

It is only because he was shielded by the Ying Heavenly Clan that no one dared to do anything to him.”

“For Young Hero Chu Feng to have killed him, you have truly helped eliminate evil for the people of the world.

You have helped many people release their resentments,” The Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master praised.

After finding out about Chu Feng’s identity, the people from the Court Cloud Sect felt less alarmed and afraid of Chu feng.

Instead, they became more cordial and respectful of Chu Feng.

However, due to the fact that Chu Feng was injured, they did not chat with Chu Feng for long.

Instead, they began to take care of Chu Feng more considerately.

After arriving at the Court Cloud Sect, Chu Feng asked that he be left alone to treat his injuries.

Thus, the Court Cloud Sect prepared a private location for Chu Feng to recuperate.

At that moment, the disciples of the Court Cloud Sect were already in an utter uproar.

It turned out that the disciples that had encountered Chu Feng just so happened to run into their Sect Master and elders on their way back.

That was the reason why they were able to arrive at the battle between Chu Feng and the demonic woman so quickly.

After those disciples returned, while the male disciples were fine, the female disciples were unable to sit tight.

They began to proclaim how powerful and great Chu Feng was.

At that moment, practically all of the Court Cloud Sect’s core disciples were discussing Chu Feng.

The female disciples began to feel endless adoration for Chu Feng.

Of course, they still didn’t know Chu Feng’s identity yet.

At the same time.

Inside the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master’s palace.

That Lord Sect Master had a change in expression.

He no longer possessed the cordial and benevolent expression that he had displayed previously.

Instead, his eyes were ice-cold as he looked to the direction of the location where Chu Feng was recuperating.

“Lord Sect Master, we have already received the wanted portraits issued by the Ying Heavenly Clan,” An elder handed a portrait to the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master.

The Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master opened the picture scroll.

Upon looking at it, he immediately revealed a joyous expression.

“Sure enough, it is him,” At that moment, the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master revealed a smile of greed.

“Lord Sect Master, you truly plan to hand that Chu Feng to the Ying Heavenly Clan” That elder asked.

“That Chu Feng is extremely valuable.

I naturally cannot let such a great opportunity slip by,” The Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master said.

“But, Lord Sect Master, other than Chu Feng’s portraits that the Ying Heavenly Clan has dispatched to the various sects and schools, we have also just received another piece of news,” The elder said.

“What sort of news” The Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master asked casually.

“The Three Stars Hall and the Sunset Cloud Valley have said that they will support Chu Feng.

They have declared that if the Ying Heavenly Clan insists on attacking Chu Feng, they are willing to declare war on the Ying Heavenly Clan for Chu Feng,” That elder said.

“What” Hearing those words, the smile on the face of the Court Cloud Sect’s Sect Master instantly froze.


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