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Kamiinari Synthesis The saga of a lifeless warrior Lightning?

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Far away from the mountain village.

City of Wealth, Capital of The western kingdom of Miliin.

A big, wide room, in the emperors castle

"Your majesty, the 6th queen, Empress lethy and The former 7th heir to the imperial throne, princess shifia were assassinated in the queens palace...The suspects are a small terrorist group in the outskirts of the capital."

The room was filled with over a hundred people, but the room was so silent that you could possibly hear the breaths of people.

The king, sitting on his throne, with a facial expression saying that he didn cared, said,"oh, thats sad"

Everyone present in the courtroom knew that the assassination was either ordered by the king himself or, was a work of a member of the royal family.

The king looked at the floor, as if thinking something, and said,"So...kill all of the terrorists there."

The man present in the courtroom were not surprised, not even a little.

Under the rag of killing terrorists, this was yet another ethnic cleansing.

This time, it was the Gyursei people living in the slums in the outskirts of the capital.

"What about the other two kids of lethy?" The king asked, his eyes were towards his glass of wine, not showing a little interest in the conversation.

"Your majesty, princess Marie is under medical supervision of our healers and doctors in the palace."

The reply came, and continued,

"But,his majesty prince Neiron is nowhere to be found."



Mountain village, far north from millin Kingdom, home of Lexis.

"In exchange of power, you will give us your lifespan."

This line was still in the mind of young Lexis, he lost something important that he didn even gained in the first place.

But now its past, Lexis knew that regretting this won change anything, you simply can not reverse anything just by regretting.

"Power, huh...?"

Its been a year since the encounter of voices.

"A Lot has happened since then, but still no luck, I sometimes still think was that experience a dream, A simple nightmare...?" Lex thought to himself.

"Wind is really good today."

He thought to himself,

A simple smile was on his face, as he watched the skies.

He has his own dreams, though there weren any humans left in this world he knew, nor a place to return...

Still there was a hope, hope that recides in the heart of every living being, hope of something good will happen.

Was this arrogance or a genuine feeling, Lexis still had a hope to live.

"Humans are really fragile, aren they?"

"Even a simple disease was enough to kill this many people."

Lexis though of his dead mom, who died months earlier due to a common plague spread in the region.

"I thought that if I was really going to die in a matter of years, it would be best to spend all of it with my mom, but it seems everything you want, or hope for, won come to you."

One more time, He smiled to himself... A faint smile...

"Is the world really that big of a place? Honestly I never have gone past the river in the north.

But the books told that the world was indeed a really big place."

Lexis said this out loud to himself, staring at the sky.

"Well, It can be helped, after all i am born in this magnificent place, itll be a total waste to die without even seeing it, right...?"

Lexis asked to himself, although he knew the answer to his own question already.

"This power I got, although it seems utterly worthless, but it has its own uses..."

Muttering to himself, he went off... On his journey to experience it all before his time comes.

He was, a simple boy, without any particular intentions, but with a inhuman power,

The mythical creatures, or the voices gave Lexis a portion of their energy, and the human body of Lex harnessed the given energy into a unique power.

He can move his body at the speed of lightning whenever he wished!

This harnessed energy was not an all invincible and undefeatable force.

The truth was it was far from undefeatable,,

Lexis was smart enough to know that speed is the best force for destroying objects, and for battles.

But whenever Lexis tried destroying certain objects with his newly acquired power of speed, it has backfired him.

SOME MONTHS AGO, in the outskirts of the mountain village.

Sometime after the incident in the dark cave, Lexis was now aware of the energy he was given, and the power his body harnessed from this devilish energy, He tried it out on the trees in the outskirts.

He knew that his own kick, combine with speed matching lightning, it would easily crush the tree into bits,

But what he didn knew was that his bones will also be hit with recoil, crushing them into bits too.

Lexis left leg was still paining him, but he took it as a valuable experience.

Lexis left the mountain village, in hopes of seeing the World.

His dreams were strange to say the least, in this cruel world, filled with unjust animals known as humans, he had a kind heart.


A young man is walking, he has blue hairs, and his eyes are dark, he is walking in the scorching heat of the great desserts of millin kingdom, his name is Neiron lethy erichsteins, his motives are unclear... But there is something deep buried in his heart that he is yet to comply to.

Chapter 2/END

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