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Without the help of Gu Jingyu, Song Ningxuan could only be Ou Xiuyuan’s mistress.


The inequality in the relationship was destined to get no respect.


In the original plot, Song Ningxuan had now participated in the design competition and got the championship.


A successful career was the strength of the relationship, but Song Ningxuan did not even have work.

Without Gu Jingyu to coach her, the sketches were average and not even as agile as some ordinary college students.


She had been struggling with Ou Xiuyuan and had gradually worn out her aura.


She was trapped inside a magnificent cage by Ou Xiuyuan and gradually lost herself.




The climate abroad had been warm, so warm that sometimes one would forget what season it was in.


The company of Gu Jingyu became bigger and bigger.

It was so big that Ou Xiuyuan temporarily avoided its edge and even sought cooperation with special conditions.


Suddenly one day, Gu Jingyu received a call from the female lead.


“Brother Gu, I’m pregnant! But, he has no intention of marrying me.”


Gu Jingyu: “…….”


If he remembered correctly, Ou Xiuyuan was about to get married to Su Qing.


Even this news had already been made known to everyone in public.

It was at this time that Song Ningxuan was pregnant with a child.


Gu Jingyu slumped directly and hung up the phone.


He did not want to get involved in the matter of the main characters.

As for how long Ou Xiuyuan’s position as president could last and whether Wen Huan could succeed as he wished, it was all unknown.


It was unknown whether the man was destined to win or whether he could specifically force Wen Huan to fail.


On the day of Ou Xiuyuan’s wedding, Gu Jingyu took Su Hangyu to a small town below a snowy mountain.

A pastry chef in the town was particularly good at making pastry.


Gu Jingyu and Su Hangyu ate the pasta and had an enjoyable time with coffee.


Since the company became bigger, Gu Jingyu became the boss again.

Jack was already crying in the toilet.


He was very upset about why some people could drink coffee and eat snacks.

In contrast, others were miserable handling the company’s affairs.


Gu Jingyu ignored the news between the main characters.

Still, the blue screen behind him was very dutiful in broadcasting the progress.


Song Ningxuan had a miscarriage and decided to break up with Ou Xiuyuan!


The two then staged an excellent scene in the company.


The wedding ended in failure.

On the wedding day, Song Ningxuan had a large belly and went straight to the ceremony.


The rumors of the Ou family abandoning their wives and children spread for a while.


Su Qing smoothly broke off the marriage contract.


When Ou Xiuyuan was immersed in love, Wen Huan took the opportunity to acquire shares.

He successfully became the second person in the holding, and the difference between the Ou family was only 5%.


Wen Huan’s ambition was exposed so nakedly.


Ou Xiuyuan’s position as president was dismissed with the consent of most shareholders.


Wen Huan fought hard to sit in the role of president.

Su Qing’s side also began to fight for power in the Su family.


With Wen Huan’s help, everything was done with half the effort.


Gu Jingyu watched them with interest, like a television series.


He treated this broadcast as a TV series, adding a little fun to his idle and boring life.


After Ou Xiuyuan was dismissed from his job, he was devastated and went to drink.


On the way back, he had a car accident because of drunk driving.


The familiar recipe, and as expected, Ou Xiuyuan lost his memory without hitting his brain.


It really was a stubborn plot.


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