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Chapter 193: Reunion

The sudden appearance of Ragune left the two of them with only one question.

“”Why are you still here””

When we first met her and sent her off after teaching her how to make the medicine, we suspected that she was directionally challenged because she ran south instead of north, where the Antas Mountains are located, where the village of the Dragon People is located, but the fact that she is still here means that she’s…….

Ragune-san, you really are extremely directionally challenged!

It’s been almost a month since we parted ways that day.

That’s about enough days to get to the village of the Dragon People, as Ragune calls it.

If she had lost her way during that time and ended up here again, she would be in serious trouble.

I was more worried about what might have happened due to the epidemic in the dragon people’s village.

“Hm’ I came back to thank you for the medicine.

Thanks to you, the village was saved, so thank you!”

Ragune bowed deeply.

“What The village was saved Could it be that…… you went back to the village”

‘Yes, of course.

I went back to the village and used the herbs you gave me to make the medicine you taught me, and I was able to cure the epidemic.

The chief told me to go and thank you on his behalf, so here I am again.”

This means that she had traveled a route that would have taken a month to complete in less than half a month, made medicines in the village, cured the disease, watched it heal, and then came back here again.

No way… can the Dragon People fly

It is only natural that Tauro would come up with that answer.

He could think of no other way.

“Huh Oh, I see.

You doubt if I have wings on my back”

She seemed to have guessed this as he looked towards Ragune’s back and tried to see.

Ragune turned around and showed him her back.

“I don’t have wings.

I told you, I’m not much different from a human.

I have scales because I’m a dragon person, but other than that, there is not much difference between us.


She explained, and laughed.

“Then did you really run back to the village”

If that’s true, that’s a hell of a lot of legwork, that’s more incredible.

I can’t go into details even if you’re my benefactor, but I can tell you that I have the ability to make it back to the village in no time.

So, the truth is, I came to thank you after spending slow days in the village, sorry.

The chief has asked me to give you what you want, from gold to a full set of armaments, valuable magical tools, and rare materials.

What do you want”

Ragune was poised to pull anything out of her magic storage.

Tauro looked at Aeris and nodded.

“I don’t particularly need a thank you…… but more importantly, Ragone-san.

If you’d like, can you  join our team”


Ragune sounded surprised.

(I don’t understand what that means.

I was going to bring every one of the treasures of the Dragon People and give them what they wanted.

That’s how grateful the Dragon People are to the person who saved their lives.

The chief also reminded me to thank him as much as he wanted…….)

“Yes, that’s right.

We’re having trouble finding a vanguard for the team because our guys had to leave for some reason.

We would be happy if you could take their place.”

Aeris nodded and pleaded.

“…… There are many treasures in the Dragon People’s treasure trove, national treasures that everyone in the world would like to have at their throats, you know”

“More than that, I want a companion like Ragune-san.”

Tauro pleaded again.

“I can’t make a decision on my own, I’ll go ask the chief…….”

She must have been so panicked that she used her ability, which she had kept secret from Tauro and Aeris, on the spot and unexpectedly returned to the village.

The only thing Tauro and Aeris could see was that Ragune had suddenly vanished from their sight.


The two were honestly surprised.

“This is what Ragune is capable of”

“Looks like, it’s some kind of transfer magic!”

“I’m jealous…… I’d like to trade it for my spatial transfer……”

Tauro sighed.

“What Tauro, when did you learn spatial transfer”

“No, you see, at that time…”

Tauro started explaining it to Aeris as she asked him, and he decided to show her what it was all about.

“It’s a short distance, but isn’t it amazing!”

Just as Aeris was amazed at Tauro’s spatial transfer, Ragune returned.

Ragune was startled when Tauro disappeared for a moment and moved in front of her as she returned.

“Could that be spatial transfer!”

Ragune, who seemed to know something, was surprised.

“Yes, welcome back.

So, have you come to a conclusion”

Tauro confirmed the answer to Ragune while drinking a potion to recover his magic power.

Aeris also paid attention to Ragune’s answer.

As for Ragune, she was concerned about the spatial transfer that had just taken place in front of her.

But since they seemed to be interested in her, she decided to answer their question.


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